Bug #23123

CASEVAC doesn't support "0 injured"

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The minimum requirement is 1-2 injured, there is no 0. So IMHO it should be either renamed to MEDEVAC or a 0 should be added so that we have both CASEVAC and MEDAVAC. The latter only if nr injured is > 0.


Updated by idl0r over 3 years ago

Also I get this error:
Error in expression <z = (call (RMM_casevac_lines select 0)) select (lbCurSel 0);

_marker = (call (>
Error position: <select (lbCurSel 0);

marker = (call (>
Error Zero divisor
File mpmissions\
_CUR_MP.chernarus\support\modules\casevac\fn_call.sqf, line 233

Updated by friznit over 3 years ago

Error needs fixing, but CASEVAC stands for Casualty Evacuation, which is the military term for Medical Evacuation.

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There is no option to select 0 injured in the GUI.

MEDEVAC usually involves a transport with medical supplies/equipment on board to deal with trauma. CASEVAC is any vehicle that can extract injured. We don't have MEDEVAC vehicles, so its a CASEVAC - its there for injured people not as a transport, so doesn't expect 0 injured and therefore its not a GUI option.

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