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Add Support for A2Free

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Status:Closed Start date:08/02/2011
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Target version:MSO v4.0
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In order to support A2Free, MSO needs to include scripts relating to CBA rather than a reliance on the add-on.

This can be done in the following way: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/8344
Using these tools: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/cca/repository/revisions/72b042473739cbab09b7974322b1f3895bb2715c

In addition the base mission.sqm must remove any references to units/vehicles/objects that shipped with OA, BAF or PMC.


Updated by idl0r over 3 years ago


I don't like the idea tbh. I hope you're at least going to add a separate version for it. Bundling 3rd party stuff is never good IMHO.

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Updated by alef over 3 years ago

Please change links to http://dev-heaven.net/projects/alef-projects/files for using convert.exe (or convert.ahk) and submit bugs in that project, thanks.

Updated by Tupolov over 3 years ago

  • Target version changed from MSO v4.6 to MSO v4.0

Updated by wolffy.au over 3 years ago

The only thing pending with this is Alef's script needs to be updated for the latest version of CBA.

With CBA changing so often, we may need to use another method to integrate it.

Updated by wolffy.au over 3 years ago

This is pretty much completed - I just need to update before the official release. Most of the changes are already in the Develop branch.

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