Bug #23046

Using the stinger causes a server crash in *some* cases

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Hi guys,

we played a bit on other servers and we noticed that using the stinger can cause a server crash.
This is (I believe) not only ACE related but also ARMA itself.

So the problem is we don't know 100% how to reproduce but what we have:
In our case we could confirm it at least in combination with "Domination" but I guess it works with other too.
It doesn't work immediately, it seems you have to play a bit first.. We mostly played with ranked mode but it also happens without.

So start Domination West (without ACE and/or probably without any addons at all, just Domination and probably CBA) and have ACE and co. only enabled on the client side, "play a bit" and use the stinger. If you lock the target it will crash the server, perhaps only on shoot, that's not sure yet.
IIRC we reproduced it with "Insurgency" too but I don't recall exactly.

It seems to work fine (stinger) without ACE and friends.
Unfortunately I wasn't able yet to reproduce it on my own server where we use ACE and friends, so I can't show you any interesting log lines.

That is my mod line. I was able to reproduce at least two times. My friend was able to reproduce it more often and on at least 4 different servers.

Also (not related to this bug) the M136 AT4 can be reloaded endless if you use ACE on the client side but not on the server side. In this case Domination with ranked mode. I'll probably file another ticket for it later.

Its quite late now and I'm tired so I hope I didn't forget anything important. I hope you guys are able to reproduce and fix it.
I made it private because I don't think its a good idea to make it public till this issue has been fixed as one can use it to crash server on purpose.


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RPT please.
And... try with ACE only, no other third party addons.

I'm pretty sure that this is not caused by ACE.

The problem that you can reload the M136 endlessly was solved like half a year or more ago.

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Also crashes should be reported to the CIT, as they are bugs in the game.

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