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[83181] TWS displays impropperly

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While using TWS weapons in the editor, I noticed it displayed odd behavior. When using the TWS sight, as both an East or West unit, with any TWS, the TWS will not display properly. Terrain will not render in the sight view, and the sight will be washed out with either black or white depending on mode. Units WILL display in it, but terrain will not render, making it extremely difficult to use.

I have narrowed this behavior down to months, but have not experimented with individual days. So far my testing has revealed that while using the TWS sight in January, February, March, November, and December the sight will be washed out. All other months the sight will operate normally. Also, it only seems to affect the sight during night hours. During daylight hours in the affected months the sight seems to operate normally.

Attached is a demo mission which demonstrates this. Also attached is a screen shot for a quick understanding of what is being experienced.

arma2oa_2011-07-28_19-22-02-77.tif (114 kB) Tyger, 07/29/2011 00:09

TWS_CIT_DEMO.7z (1.2 kB) Tyger, 07/29/2011 00:09

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Updated by Tyger almost 6 years ago

Note: Also, I did not experience this issue in build 83015, but that isn't definitive.

Updated by F2kSel almost 6 years ago

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I see it too, it is actually rendering it's just all one colour.
This can be seen when you kill the soldier the grass can be seen in front of him.

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There's already ticket on that issue

Updated by godspeedsnake about 5 years ago

Hi I have been searching around to see what was wrong with my game and this bug report has EXACTLY the same issue as me I created a mission on Winter Vostok and used a TWS weapon and when I tried playing in certain months it was washed out and IMPOSSIBLE to make good use of the TI where as BECAUSE of this report I tried other months and VOLLA the TI worked fine... This is a bug and please UN duplicate this issue because in needs to be resolved... NEED PROOF??? I'll get u HEAPS!!!

Updated by Fireball about 5 years ago

Dupe of #16096, don't whine.

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