Bug #2288

Sights misalign in certain stances

Added by RasdenFasden about 8 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Target version:1.05.62017
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When crouching with a rifle or standing with an AT weapon (and possibly more) some sort of animation plays where the character moves the gun around slightly. When using 3D sights this causes them to misalign, preventing you from aiming accurately. This is especially bad when crouching with a rifle because it's supposed to make aiming easier, not harder.

anim.JPG - This is what happens when you crouch still and look through ironsights. (185.3 kB) RasdenFasden, 06/25/2009 14:29

buggedsights.jpg (291.7 kB) Snyp3r, 06/27/2009 16:56

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Updated by Snyp3r almost 9 years ago

With rifles at least, this only happens when crouched/kneeling, when standing or prone the sights don't have any such problems. Holding your breath makes absolutely no impact, nor does it seem to be caused by low stamina or any deadzone settings. In the short run at least, you can work around it by standing when you'd usually crouch, but you will be an easier target.

Updated by RasdenFasden almost 8 years ago

It seems this happens with pistols at every stance.

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Updated by RasdenFasden over 7 years ago

This bug is both terrible and easily fixable, why does it seem to be so low priority? I really want it fixed quickly and I don't think I'm only speaking for myself here.

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Updated by RasdenFasden over 7 years ago

Here's an interesting fact: This bug doesn't happen when you rest your weapon while crouching in ACE mod. However it's still there if you don't rest it. Different animation, perhaps?

Updated by Salah over 7 years ago

we need more people to vote for this

Updated by shuko over 7 years ago

This should have high prio. As soon as you become aware of this issue, crouch becomes a "no no" position to shoot from. It has a big effect on gameplay.

The weapon will still shoot straight even when the sights are all over the place, meaning bullets don't go where the sight is pointing at. Easy to test, take one of the rifles with aimpoint, kneel, zoom and fire as the red dot goes from left to right, bullets will always hit in the middle, where the iron sight is pointing.

Updated by RasdenFasden over 7 years ago

Rifle crouch's fixed in 1.05. Thanks, BIS! Sadly it's not fixed for AT weapons when standing.

Updated by MulleDK19 over 7 years ago

I've never had this problem.

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Thanks for the report RasdenFasden. :)

Can you please create a new ticket for AT.

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