Bug #22870

ban list not being loaded

Added by ArMaTeC almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:07/27/2011
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Target version:ArmA 2 RCon GUI 1.8.0 Beta
Affected Version:


with the new battleye protection system your ban list is not being filled any more


Updated by weedkiller almost 6 years ago

Could be that like us you have too many bans in ur list, that is caused by battleye and not rcon

Updated by Kochleffel almost 6 years ago

The following header exists only if the server responds with multiple packets due to packet size limitations. The header is present in each of those packets.

0x00 | number of packets for this response | 0-based index of the current packet

An empty 2-byte command packet (without actual command string) has to be sent every 45 seconds (or less)
to keep the connection/login alive, if there are no other command packets being sent.
If there are no command packets coming from the client for more than 45 seconds, it will be removed from BE RCon's
list of authenticated clients and will no longer be able to issue any commands.

this is the fix, lets hope soner want to fix it asap.

Updated by PITN almost 6 years ago

The ban list does not load into the GUI. It still exists on the server and is still running. With the latest changes to BattleEye both the BE RCON and this GUI RCON are broken. BTW, my banlist is very small and I have run it as an administrator in win7.
FYI an updated BE RCON from $able is expected soon.

As for the GUI the following items work or do not work for me:

--Players - works most of the time. Sometimes it is blank even after connecting.
--Bans - Status shows 'Recieved banlist" but does not show any bans from the server even if the are present.
--Info - Does not work. It does not list any info at all. FYI - It worked yesterday.
--Missions - Correctly shows the list.
--Database - Still there but with some errors usually occuring after the initial connection.

Updated by Soner almost 6 years ago

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Updated by Soner almost 6 years ago

  • Target version set to ArmA 2 RCon GUI 1.8.0 Beta

Updated by Soner almost 6 years ago

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