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Server admin reserved slot

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As said here : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=75925
A suggestion to avoid server lock by players number without admin able to log in :

"After a bit of server administration and running once into the issue, the lack of reserved slot for servers can really be hindering, if not worse when no admin can connect to a server having issues.

Reserved slot would be a good solution, but the changing nature of missions and number of slots available could lead to some problems.

I was thinking more to an always up "admin slot" for dedicated servers, requiring a special password set in configuration file, which would not give access to a player character slot, but only a camera spawned in the middle of the currently played map (or [0,0,0] if "middle of map" is too hard to code ), enabling a server admin to log in, chat with players and take appropriate actions if needed.

In an ideal world, one could even make a lil client application which would connect this way to a server, without having to launch the game itself, and give acces to the chat and inline commands"

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