Bug #22551

The RU UAV vehicle "Pchela-1T" is broken.

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1) Action "Leave UAV" is completly missing. Once youget into UAV vehicle (through UAV terminal), then you can not leave this UAV (missing action "Leave UAV"). In MP you must disconnect from your slot (unit) and recconect to the game.

2) Camera in this vehicle is broken. It does not have "gyro stabilization", you are not able to even move with camera/view to any direction. But, time to time, the camera will look to some direction for a while and return back to direct view.

3) Vehicle is not able to take of from airport. It starts to pick up speed on ground, but ti picks up too soon, loose speed and lift, nose go down, and it repeats again, till crash to ground.

4) Vehicle is not able to direct flight. It's flying up and down in those waves.

It looks to me, like you are not "switched" to vehicle camera, but to AI pilot view ! This can explain, why "camera" view is moving itself time to time.


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To 2) I think this might be realistic while the vehicle is moving, when the vehicle is still, you can adjust the camera without problem. The cam isn't moving by itself, but the whole vehicle is tilting - I don't think the cam is necessarily gyro-stabilized in the original.

Updated by Anunnaki almost 6 years ago

Well , all "spy" cameras on all "spy" drones (in all armys) are independently movable. That means operator can move with camera and zoom where he wish.

Also, i beliewe that also all cameras on russia spy vehicles are GYRO-stabilized, there is no reason, why they should not do that.

But as you wrotte:
"I think this might be realistic while the vehicle is moving, when the vehicle is still, you can adjust the camera without problem". Gyro stabilization does not mean "tracking spot", that you are looking at the same point when vehicle is not changing direct of flight. Gyro hold postition +- where you are looking, when vehicle is changing direction. As i know, all civilian drones or helicopters which have some sort of "spy" camera (police, rescue and others) are equipted with GYRO stabilization, and some also with "SPOT TRACKING".

Problem is that Pchela-1T is broken and you have NEVER "still" move, because it goes up and down whole time. It is probably the bu, but anyway, that all is working good for USMC, so why not for RU ?

Updated by Legislator over 5 years ago

Well, the russian UAV is broken for more than 2 years now. I was never able to equip opfor with the uav because of those bugs. It should have been removed during a patch if they can't get it working or are not interested in fixing it.

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