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Advanced Artillery functions

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With Arma-2 the new Artillery module offers a whole new range of possibilities for the use of on map artillery support.

The only thing that still bothers is the user interface. All artillery strikes are called via radio command and markers on the map. Although this options is quite simple to use it has two main disadvantages .

First, every person can use the Artillery option without restrictions, as no special radio system is required.

Secondly, the usage is quite unrealistic.

This is why I recommend to adapt the interface of the XAM mod for artillery strikes.


As you can see in the video the artillery can be called via radio overlay. The advantage of such a system is obvious, it support systems like radio backpacks and HQ vehicles and by entering coordinates instead of marking the map it is more accurate and realistic than the vanilla settings

I am awaiting your feedback


Updated by Evil_Echo almost 8 years ago

The details in the video have real issues. The terminology is wrong, the protocol incorrect, and the salvo has too little dispersion. The sound effects are good though - XAM always does quality sound effects.

I see no real problems with a map overlay. All we have to do is reject calls for arty if you don't have access to pack or vehicle radio. While forward observers are specialists in calling fire missions, a fair number of units can and do make requests during a battle.

Updated by Sonsalt almost 8 years ago

I do know that the protocols are incorrect, I only refer to the overlay system. It would be quite nice to have functional radio backpack and therefore radio operators that are actually useful :)

Updated by Scubaman3D almost 8 years ago

so all you want is a graphic overlay that the individuals with the packs can use via add action?

Maybe something like started on the old forum?

Updated by Headspace almost 8 years ago

I'm not really sure why you consider this to be a bug. There are three key points to go over.

First, the primary method of calling Artillery in A2 is with the Secop Module. That's a seperate module from Artillery and you'll find that pretty much all of the Secop support requests have a similar type of interface.

Second, support requests (as well as custom radio artillery) can be handed out to, or restricted from, anyone you want using scripting. It doesn't really get much simpler than that.

Third, the Artillery Module can easily be placed "underneath" such an overlay. The module works the way it does precisely because people are going to want different ways to call the artillery in missions--the module will take care of all of the Fire Control aspects of the mission; the designer can take care of what's on top of that (or rely on SOM, if preferred).

I suppose the Artillery Module could have been created with one set, detailed, and unmalleable interface in place--which would have satisfied a few people who wanted that type of interface and then alienated everyone else. The way it works now, you can put whatever interface you want on top of it if you don't like the SOM one.

Updated by rocko almost 8 years ago

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Updated by rocko almost 8 years ago

How about thinking about a working "Support Radio Backpack Whatever" feature first, before considering changes to an existing artillery module?

Updated by Evil_Echo almost 8 years ago

A working pack radio would be better first choice. It'll make taking a PRC-XX actually useful in ACE, and more dangerous. Sharpshooters are trained to look for radio operators and target anyone near them as likely command elements.

Updated by Sonsalt almost 8 years ago

The basic idea is to introduce the the radio operator as a useful infantry class. Only he can with the proper equipment call in artillery support etc.

A realistic protocol should be the introduced as well. I am aware of the fact that calling in fire support in real life is not that easy but if properly adapted it could be fun and realism at the same time.

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And Sonsalt, what can you present us?

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I take this one is expired

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