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Unit/class variable that prevents ammunition weight guessing

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It would be nice if an ACE_NoAmmoWeightGuessing variable would prevent units the ability to check the ammo weight of the loaded magazine, representing a lack of any military training. If the variable is assigned to true, the person has no prior experience with the weight of magazines and has no clue how much ammo is left, unless explicitly set to false.

This variable would also be included directly in a unit class instead of just associated with the init field, so that in addition to mission authors being able to specify untrained people, addon makers could specify people who are untrained by default, who require the variable to be present and false in the mission to override this behaviour.

By default, all Man classes derived from Civilian would have ACE_NoAmmoWeightGuessing assigned as true, as they are assumed never to have received military training.

To enumerate the possibilities:
  • ACE_NoAmmoWeightGuessing is absent from both unit class and unit mission init: able to guess weight of magazines accurately.
  • ACE_NoAmmoWeightGuessing is set in unit class: unable to guess weight of magazines accurately unless overridden by mission author.
  • ACE_NoAmmoWeightGuessing is set in mission: unable to guess weight of magazines accurately.
  • ACE_NoAmmoWeightGuessing is set in unit class but cleared in unit init: able to guess weight of magazines accurately.

For instance, if a VIP in a mission grabs an AK-47, fires half of the clip, performs a tactical reload, and empties the next clip, when he reloads the other clip he will have no specific indication on the amount of rounds remaining in that clip -- after all, he's a politician, not a soldier. The difference in mass between the light rounds versus the heavy magazine in the hand is too subtle for a lay person, and only gets worse when pistols are considered.

An alternative implementation instead of true/false would be a "percentage" system, which expresses a percent chance that the person would be able to identify the weight during any given reload. If not present, the training would be assumed to be 100 percent. Most civilians would have 0 percent; mission and add-on authors could then specify a desired range, representing some prior experience with weapons but not enough to accurately guess the weight all of the time. With this system, even trained persons who do not normally use firearms often could have rates less than 100 -- e.g., police may have a chance of accurately guessing 90% of the time while pilots may only have a chance of accurately guessing 75% of the time.

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~CHANGED: Roundcount can be disabled for certain units, check WAGN documentation for details, fixes #22264


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I'd prefer setting in missions only because if someone wants to make a mission where soldiers are disguised as civilians, they'd lack the roundcount.

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The mission author could always override the default -- i.e., if the config says "no training" (ACE_NoAmmoWeightGuessing = 1) but the mission says "full training" (ACE_NoAmmoWeightGuessing = 0), then the person has full training. It'd make more sense for a rare case scenario to be the exception rather than the norm; most civilians don't have training, so a mission author who disguises soldiers as civilians would need to assign the override. Otherwise, most civilians really wouldn't have the training and that would be the default assumption.

If back compatibility is the goal, of course, then it'd be fine to leave it out of everything and just have a mission unit variable. IIRC there were a couple missions in regular ArmA for that Iraq village (can't remember the name off-hand, it's been a while) that did include BLUFOR spies.

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Available in ACE for OA 1.12 RC1.

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