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Improve leaning

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It's a suggestion

One thing that bothered me in ArmA is that when leaning only the body leans but not your camera with it.
In the end it's quite uncomfortable to aim and shoot with ironsights (and even aimpoint optics) because it's harder to see where the bullet will go.

Is it possible for ACE to make it so when you lean the camera leans too. Because the camera is tied to every animation in the game so why not to this...

Related issues

related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Feature #5671: Lean animation should change camera up vector Assigned 11/05/2009
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Updated by zGuba almost 5 years ago

I asked for it @ CIT some time ago. I am afraid it is not going to happen.

See #5671

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A3 perhaps?

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New A3 animations probably already support this (e.g see different stances)

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