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PLEASE make bandages stop life timers.

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I've posted this here before and it's been said that it will be implemented.

It used to be this:

You get shot, you black out, you have a timer> You get bandaged and your timer goes away.

But now, in order to make the timer go away, you have to get bandaged, morphined, AND epinephrined.

Is there any way to implement it in game so that once you are bandaged while you are unconscious, your timer goes away? Then you'd still need morphine and epi to be brought back to consciousness.

In fact, it would also be nice that if the three things were not inter-connected at all. I'd love to see bandages/compresses stop bleeding and make timers go away, epi to wake someone up regardless of whether or not they're still bleeding or need morphine, and morphine to make shakiness from pain go away.

Then finally leave med-kits how they currently work.

I would hope that these things would be fairly easily implementable, and if they are I, and the rest of my ArmA unit, would love to see these things in game.


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Use the original ticket if you already posted it.

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I like how it is now, in fact, that plus the only medics can use morphine and ephinifrine makes the medics really important, and there are people that likes this role. That the bandages do something to the countdown like give more time or slow down the timer... well could be fine. Well at least that's my opinion.

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