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AH-64D Apache climb rate

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The specified combat weight for the AH-64D Apache Longbow is 14,700 pounds. At this weight, the United States Army required a climb rate of 450 feet per second in hot, desert conditions. The Apache can climb three times as fast as the specifications—1450 feet per second. The Apache is also capable of carrying much more weight in weaponry than it is currently possible to load on the Apache. Thus a full load of AGM-114K/L, LAU-61 2.75' Rockets, or 30mm HE rounds should have little effect on the climb rate of the Aircraft.

At a climb rate of 1450 feet per second, we get 441.96 m which is the measurement used in ArmA II. Currently for the Apache to reach 440 meters in Altitude, several seconds are required. The climb rate needs to be tweaked to reflect the actual 440 mps rate of climb.


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That's definitely wrong. 1450 ft/s is more than speed of sound (1080 ft/s). There is no supersonic helicopters in existense yet.
The climb rate is usually given in ft/min in US sources. Example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_AH-64_Apache

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You know, that is exactly true and makes perfect sense. I was basing my information off a non-fiction book written by Richard Sheffield and had taken it as true without thinking that 440 meters per second is in fact faster than the speed of sound. Perhaps it was supposed to be 1450 ft/per minute or he made an error in his publication.
Foolishly posted this in the middle of the night, may as well close it.

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