Bug #22034

The amout of playable slot is the limit of players on the server

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Target version:NextGen
Affected ArmA II version:1.60 BETA First affected build:
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A mission has ie 2 playable slots.
Now if a third guy tries to connect, he gets:

Maximum number of players has been reached.

At any given moment any amount of players can join.

  1. Put attached mission in mpmissions
  2. Run a DS or a host
  3. Run the mission OnePlayableSlot on desert world
  4. Tried to connect with a second player
  5. Notice you cannot
Some examples:
  • Admin wants to connect to his server, but cannot as server is full.
  • A players want to connect to wait for a slot to become free.
  • One can still limit the numbers via the server.cfg for weak servers.

OnePlayableSlot.desert_e.pbo (1.5 kB) kju, 07/08/2011 08:12

TwoPlayableSlots.desert_e.pbo (1.7 kB) kju, 07/08/2011 08:12

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atm. i can't confirm if it's possible to address for OA at all...

Updated by kju almost 6 years ago

#22351 is another good example why this is very much needed.

Practical example you can see daily on ArmA2.ru AAS server:
  1. Server has 60-80 players
  2. Mission ends
  3. Players vote 01: deathmatch with 8 slots
  4. a) Only 8 player can play
  5. b) No new players can join - also NO admin!

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