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T-90 Tank not taking damage from SLAM (or from self harm)

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Uploaded a test mission which I can reproduce this on. I'm not actually sure if a T-90 is vulnerable to SLAMs or not, but there is certainly some weird issues here.

Take any amount of M4 SLAMs from the weapons crate, and deploy them in IR mode along the road. Drive the T-90 over any number of them. After the first hit, the T-90s damage indicators all go completely red and the T-90 turns black and looks destroyed - however, the player is undamaged, the T-90 still fully operational.

I ran a T-90 over 4 M4 SLAMs and it was still completely fine. I tried driving it up to a rock and basically shot off HE and Invars rounds 2m from the tank to no effect. If the T-90 is supoosed to be immune to this sort of damage, could the model be fixed so it doesn't give the poor players false hope? Thanks :D.

testi.ProvingGrounds_PMC.pbo - Test mission on Proving Grounds (2.1 kB) erendor, 07/07/2011 15:07


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Aint it ACE?

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