Bug #21947

Rain causes plummeting framerate

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as mentioned by BoboCZ on BIF, Rain is causing drastic framerate drop:

When start rain, my framerate is drasticly decreased to 8fps at Chernarus, Takistan, about 20fps at Utes, Capria. At Shapur and Desert map my fps is OK. Can someone reproduced it? Set weather to rain, you can speed up time. When rain start in my case framerate is decreased, after rain stop everything goes back to normal and I get 60 fps.

game version 82390
repro (Takistan) : [[http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30579259/ToH_RAINbug.Takistan.pbo]]
just wait for the rain
radio alpha 10x time
radio bravo 1x time


Updated by DnA about 6 years ago

We're able to reproduce this in our developer version, so we're working on a fix.

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Fixed in 82767

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