Bug #21686

TRACK IR way to sensetive

Added by Hooves almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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When using the 6 dof. If I barely lean or turn my head the game has my POV way outside the cockpit. Through the the top of the cockpit glass, or smashing my face against the wind screen. It seems as if it just needs to be turned down by default. BUT TIR 6DOF IS AWESOME TY!!!!!!!!!


Updated by Enforcer almost 6 years ago

Decrease sensitivity in your TIR settings, but still it's weird to move and set up if you want to have proportional movements.

Also the menu zones should be bigger when using TIR. I have to hold my neck stiff if i wanted to use batteries, collision lights and throttle controls when starting up hands-free. I need to switch to mouse and kb to do so. You are on the ground anyway if you just start up but if you are in mid air and have to turn off the collision lights for stealth...uh oh

Updated by CarlGustaffa almost 6 years ago

No, it's the same extreme response when using left ctrl + mouse movement to move your head.

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