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Possiblilty to turn off default missions

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Since we run high Populated PVP Server´s (64+) we allow the Player´s to Vote a Mission.
often it happens that people vote Deathmatch or War Welcome and then over 50 Player´s get stuck in the Lobby or get Kicked off.

so please make it Possible to the Server owner´s that they can turn off or remove the default Missions without getting Displayed as modded Server.

OA2A2Bridge_C_PvPscene.pbo (32 kB) Dwarden, 06/30/2011 18:02


Updated by Dwarden almost 6 years ago



DisabledStockMPMissionsA2 (Server)
DisabledStockMPMissionsBAF (Server)
DisabledStockMPMissionsOA (Server)

Updated by Dwarden almost 6 years ago

server side solution

update for ARMA 2 compability

Courtesy of PVPscene/Kju and Proper tweaks :)

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  • Subject changed from make it possible to turn of default Mission´s to Possiblilty to turn off default missions
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would be useful , especially to avoid the display of server as modded server

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