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Forum thread creation automatically adds you to the watcher list.

Added by kju about 8 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Spooner can you please look into it at some point. Sincere thanks!

The ugly thing is that in the forum creating a thread automatically adds you to the watcher.
Not too sure if its the same for tickets. Its different system there from what I recall.
I would vote mails if you are a watcher.
Yet never ever < auto add > one as watcher.

There is a flaw in your argument there. If I was added to the watch list, how would I ever know if I never recived an email to inform me of a change (including when i was added)?

Either you actively add yourself as watcher or someone else does.
NOT the system automatically. That is how it should be IMO.

Ah I see what you mean now.
Does it still auto add creators as watchers? I thought that was removed in an upgrade

Seems so .. as it annoys me as hell ;)
so i make a ticket about this.


Updated by Spooner about 8 years ago

Actually, I do want this automatic add. If you don't want email notifications because you are an RSS monkey, just unset that in your account options.

Updated by kju about 8 years ago

I tried to set all possible combinations. Please enlighten me. :)

Updated by Spooner about 8 years ago

Ah, so it still adds you as watcher and you still get emails, even if you have notifications off? Yeah, that is wrong, but what you are asking for is for poster not to be added as watcher, which I really want to have enabled, rather than that watching should not produce notifications if you have all notifications off (or that you can personally disable the add-watcher effect).

Updated by kju about 8 years ago

Well maybe its me, yet I fail to disable email notifications.

Here I have this settings:

"only for things i watch or am involved in"
ticket - "I don't want to be notified of changes that I make myself"

Instead for the first option i can select
"for any event on all projects"
"for any event on the selected projects only.."

I tried the last setting for a while, yet still got mails,
while from the wording I would expect to get it only for the one project
I ticket the setting.

And it is NOT only about watchers.

If you create a thread, you are NOT a watcher by default, at least I cannot
unwatch - and still get mails for it. :|

Updated by kju about 8 years ago

"for any event on the selected projects only.."


For unselected projects, you will only receive notifications about
things you watch or you're involved in (eg. issues you're the author or assignee).

Updated by Squelch about 8 years ago

There isn't a setting to disable all emails. I'm finding it difficult to understand why you would create a ticket, but not wish to be notified of replies.

For some users they could come, post an issue, and we request feedback or further information, and they would never know about the request with this setting applied. The net result would be spamming of the tracker with unresolved issues and added administration.

It might be possible to enter a bogus email address in your account settings, but this could add unnecessary load to the server with the sending and later dealing with bounced mail and is not recommended.

Updated by kju about 8 years ago


Updated by Spooner about 8 years ago

Yes, Squelch's point is well made. We don't want no-autowatch, since that would be bad for the 99% of people who don't hoover up RSS like kju does and prefer directed emails ;) Allowing individuals to turn off the setting, which should default to autowatch being on, seems the only reasonable solution, though I don't feel it is critical (RSS fans could more easily redirect mail from DH to a folder that they ignore than that the average user would effectively use RSS or manually trawl the forums and issues as we have to at OFPEC ...shudders...).

Updated by kju about 8 years ago

You miss the point a bit. I want mails when I am a watcher.
Like I made myself explicitly a watcher or have been added by another human.

I do NOT want to get emails, by creating a ticket or forum thread. :)

Updated by Squelch almost 9 years ago

That is the point though. If it is turned off, then after a ticket creation there will be no notification with this proposed setting. For 99% of users this would be bad as Spooner points out. If they create a ticket and then never receive a reply notification, they will never be able to respond without manually checking in to see. Feeds are in addition to the email system, and should not be relied on as a replacement imo.

Updated by kju almost 9 years ago

Sq. I never said this should be default. I said there is no option to disable this annoying behavior!

Updated by Squelch almost 9 years ago

I'll see what can be done to enable this on a per role basis

Updated by kju almost 9 years ago

Hm. Why per role basis?

There is an option not to get informed:

"Email notifications"

There should be an option / it should make it so,
that you only get them, if you really want em:
=> explicit interest per project or per human added watcher.

As from the technical system of Redmine - this makes sense,
does it not?

Either I want all notifications of a project, just those explicitly
added or signed myself to or none.

Updated by kju almost 9 years ago

PS: This ticket is a prime example. Just as I have create the ticket,
I get for each replay a mail - and I am not a watcher of it. :(

Updated by kju about 7 years ago

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