Feature #20941

strange sprint to (any)stand animation

Added by SaltatorMortis about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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the problem with the animation is that the soldier have to sholder the weapon again..
why dont keep it close to sholder?
i learned that i have very quick the weapon on my sholder again (and do not the baby shaking thing)
cause that i never rly take my weapon off the sholder


Updated by gunter about 6 years ago

I think what hes saying is that when you run and then maybe stop that the character, like looks as if he trips and fumbles his weapon and then walks a little before he stops, and by the time he stops he has to reshoulder his weapon, I personally find this animation rather pointless and annoying, when i want to just stop I cant, and see this anim irrelevent to the functioning of a character that wishes to stop.

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