Bug #20627

Cant get Addon Sync off my computer, and cant get in on my computer

Added by Kohath about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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This is a very weird bug.
Until a couple of days ago, my addon sync worked fine. But then for some reason I couldnt start the program, an error-window came up with no text and the only option was "ok". And it shut the program down.
I tried to reinstall the program, but it had the same error. And when I tried to uninstall, I got the same error.
I also tried to delete all folders to the program, and clean it up with a cleaner-program. But it still had the same error.

I have no clue what might have caused this, and there is no way for me to get addon sync off my computer. But I cant get it on my computer either.
I even tried to install .66 instead of the .67, but it said I had a newer version of the program installed.


Updated by Sickboy about 6 years ago

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