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Adding an infantry only parameter

Added by Militantsausage about 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Target version:Multi-Session Operations - MSO v4.3
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I don't know if it is possible or not, but maybe giving an option in the parameters to make the enemies infantry only, or supported by light vehicles (such as technicals). This would be better for clans looking for more infantry firefights and contacts, especially if there isn't 20 or so people on, better for recon elements etc.


Updated by friznit almost 6 years ago

I'm getting some scripting help to screen enemypop for AA groups and prevent them spawning (the Tk Insurgency has a 4 man group with 4 manpads, which is horrible for heli pilots!). If I can get this working, there's no reason why it couldn't do the same for armour groups as well. Something like:

Line 134 of core\mod\com\fn_randomGroup

if !([(configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> _s >> _fac >> _type) select _y] iskindof "TK_GUE_AATeam") then {

can iskindof work on an array? That way you could build an array of groups such as [TK_T72Platoon, TK_T55Platoon] and life would be simpler.

Updated by Telson almost 6 years ago

Editing lines 101, 178, 261, 342 of the main.sqf in the rmm_enemypop seemed to work for me.
_type = [["Infantry", "Motorized", "Mechanized", "Armored"],[3,2,0,0]] call mso_core_fnc_selectRandomBias;
Have not noticed any problems or errors in the RPT file for my server after editing and only Technicals and Trucks apear at random bases.

Updated by friznit almost 6 years ago

Actually yeah, that'd work much better for removing armour.

Unfortunately Anti Air bods are part of the 'Infantry' group so have to be screened out individually.

Updated by Telson almost 6 years ago

You should also look at the way you play the MSO if you dont want tanks.

The Zora modual if enabled will spawn in stuff dependant on what you are doing.
For example if you are in a tank, it will spawn in enemy tank patrols. If on foot, Enemy Infantry patrols, and so on.

Put simply, If you dont want enemy tanks, Dont use a tank yourself.

Updated by wolffy.au over 5 years ago

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Updated by Tupolov over 5 years ago

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Will add parameters to set the chance of various types of groups spawning.

Updated by Tupolov over 5 years ago

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Fixed. Added param for infantry, motorised, mechanized and armour.

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