Bug #20402

Debug messages and HUD not displayed on a DS

Added by Lonestar almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Priority:Normal Due date:07/05/2011
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When debug is on, the AI positions and actions are displayed on map but there's no radio message.

sideChat doesn't seem to work on a DS but I think you already know it.

There's no HUD either, it seems hintSilent doesn't work either on a DS.



Updated by Rafalsky almost 6 years ago

What is DS ?

Updated by Lonestar almost 6 years ago

Dedicated Server.

Updated by Rafalsky almost 6 years ago

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A ok :), it's not a bug (it's never intended to be displayed.) All debug info are only local to the machine where the UPSMON runs. (you see chats as long as you are the host/server).
Debug infos are just standard side Chats, player chats etc. To display chat on all clients something like Multiplayer framework (rChat) is required but it's different story.

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