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Range tables for Grad and MLRS

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And, sorry, I haven't got time to check if they have T-E mode action on mousewheel. Please, add if not.

P.s. I know one can create range tables with some mission in ACE. If you explain in short what to do - I'll contribute the tables myself.

Thank you!

bm21table.txt (10.7 kB) rocko, 10/21/2011 09:57

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Updated by Mikhail about 6 years ago

Can I help somehow?

Updated by Nou about 6 years ago

Rockets cant use the same tables as shells. It is a ArmA2 engine bug that after rocket motor burn out gravity no longer effects the projectile.

Updated by Mikhail about 6 years ago

Is it unpredictable? Theoretically, can this rocket be replaced by some more realistic custom variant, which could only use original visuals and sounds but behave like a, for example, howitzer shell with tweaked flying speed and damage?

Updated by Mikhail about 6 years ago

Btw, there was an addon called ItemBalca, a ballistic calculator similar to one in R3F arty mod, and it supported Grad and Mlrs and was precise.

So I guess partially realistic and not in a pretty way but there is some flying model or pattern to be used for creating a range table. Not talking about quality and gravity issue, just a +1 usable arty piece for ACE.

I'll look inside the mentioned calculator and look for smt useful.

Updated by rocko almost 6 years ago

Updated by Mikhail almost 6 years ago

Rocko, does this mean we can expect it in ACE?

UPD: Lookd the duplicate issue. Ok, got it. It's Mahuja's calculations. I can test it extensively if needed.

Updated by rocko almost 6 years ago

I just merged the information from both tickets, since this ticket is more appropriate for the range table request since it also includes the MLRS.
However it still needs to be integrated into the game.

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Rocko says: Status Nou?

Updated by Nou over 5 years ago

This requires writing our own huge system for rocket artillery (handling trajectory/burnout, network sync, etc), and since we do not have models for any of the pieces to do it really properly I do not want to invest the time in a half-assed mouse aiming solution.

Updated by MaHuJa over 5 years ago

I don't get it... what part of "it works as is" is hard to understand?
(I guess it wasn't said THAT clearly in that other issue, but still.)

What's left to do:
- Find the values to generate the table for the mlrs (probably my job; I do have the means to)
- Convert the tables to whatever format is used in ACE, and make the items and self-interaction actions.
- Add T-E menu option to grad and mlrs
- Perhaps add a table to the default inventory of their respective vehicles.
- Done.

They follow a path as predetermined as the shells from howitzers and mortars.
At worst, it would be that some types of rockets aren't supposed to follow such a ballistic path.
E.g. the M31, only M270 MLRS unitary warhead missile (i.e. the one we're using in arma2) listed on wikipedia, is supposed to be guided.

The statement "requires writing our own" is not applicable unless you also intend to fix that; which goes far beyond what this particular issue has asked for.
With just solving this issue, we don't get it perfect, but we get an alternative to the BIS mapclick interface. If that is disabled, as many missions and servers do, the mlrs/grad cannot currently be aimed - except like in a certain video from somewhere in africa.

Updated by Nou over 5 years ago

Show me a missile that doesn't fly backwards when its rocket motor burns out and it runs out of speed.

Also, like I said, mouse aiming is half-assed. I don't want to work on a system that uses a horrible method of aiming like T&E (which dont get me wrong, works fine for other systems but is not really suited for artillery).

Updated by Mikhail over 5 years ago

Mahuja, give me the data you can gather for grad and mlrs. I'll convert it to ace and repack some of ACE pbo to test it all. Let's do it ourselves, because it's useful thing. I think that idea done not very perfect is better than NOT done at all.
May be I'l lsound silly, but GRAD fires rockets that hit targets.
Let's assume a target can be hit by GRAD when grad turret is in the lowest position.
You raise turret a bit - rocket flies further
You raise turret a bit more - rocket flies a bit further
You raise turret a bit more - rocket flies a bit further

As far as the increment of raise and distance meets arithmetic proportions elevation\distance - you can build a functional and working range table. If rocket is glitchy after some range - let's set it as a limit to the range table nad mark it as an "at your own risk" feature.

Correct me is I'm missing something.

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