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Little Birds Take Damage when you/other parachutes out at speed

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Little Birds Take Damage when you/other parachutes out at speed


Little Bird should take no damage from parachuting out.


1. put ai in chopper and make waypoint and set travel speed to fast.
2. once in air at speed, eject.

lb_para_damage.zargabad.pbo (2.7 kB) 77, 07/28/2011 11:22


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Assuming you used at least 1.59.

Since you point out how to create the mission in the editor, you could as well have attached it.

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Thanks! I assume, it's a self-running mission? And AI gets ejected automatically? Or what are the exact repro mission steps to observe?

EDIT: Could it be that parachutes somehow tangle with the chopper at high speed ejection?

Updated by 77 almost 6 years ago

Sorry mate, yes its all auto... AI pilot flies at full speed for a few seconds and you get automatically ejected.

2 out of 3 times it damages LB
3 out of 5 times it damages LB

I think you're right in that the parachute opens into the rotors and causes the damage... it could be a design feature but I'd imagine you'd move away faster from the chopper when its traveling at full speed rather than slower.


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