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hey , nice job ! why other player don't see IM's message (spon map) ? can you add a function to speak with spon map and add marker for all player (player with spon map and player haven't spon map) sorry for my english i'm french lool


Updated by Spooner almost 8 years ago

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No, it is impossible to send draw/IM to people who don't have a compatible version of SPON Map to receive it with. This will never be implemented for SPON Map (even the Arma 2 version when I get it ported). Just try to get everyone to use SPON Map instead!

Well, strictly not impossible to implement, before anyone complains, but so incredibly messy that I refuse to even consider it. Sorry!

Updated by M1n1d0u almost 8 years ago

Oki it's not a problem ^^ could you speak about an futur integration of your map in ace1 ?

Updated by Spooner almost 8 years ago

I can't say if SPON Map will be integrated with ACE1 itself. I really doubt it though.

SPON Map v0.7.0 is a bit more compatible with ACE1 though (works properly with unconsciousness and the ACE map object), so you should have no problems using it with ACE1. ACE1 already has SPON Core in it, so you just need the SPON Map addon and you are set...

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