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[HR] Razor Two mission aborts and fails when waiting for Bardak near Gorka

Added by Fireball about 8 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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The thing was, that I had to reload to the latest auto save, after I wanted to capture the guy in the red golf. After the reload, the radio message didn't come very soon, so I already ordered Starforce 21 and decided to head to a LZ just S of Gorka, to intercept it - so it was kind of metagaming.

On the way to this point, the radio message finally came, but after a short while, the mission was just marked failed and aborted, because the guy would have escaped - within 30 seconds since the message or so!

So, okay, I admit, metagaming is bad - that's what I get from it, but the checks are a bit too sensitive; maybe I ran outside a trigger, or inside a trigger too early - this shouldn't be possible anyway.

Thus the repro steps: After clearing out the third suspected site in Razor Two, order Starforce 21 and head just S of Gorka, before the radio message about the criminal fleeing N comes in.


Updated by Fireball about 8 years ago

Consequences were btw. that I either live with the fact that the story continues based on my failure or I had to restart the entire Razor Two mission.

Updated by Fireball almost 8 years ago

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This was in 1.01 - I'm unwilling and probably unable to reproduce this one, it was some timing problem which was most likely fixed with 1.03 or somesuch.

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