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Rebalance LF

Added by wore about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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1)Increase BTR-90 cost up to $3450
2)Move GRAD to HF or make it depended from HF up,not LF.
Reasons:BTR-90 is a lot more powerful unit,then LAV-25,it has more firepower even then Stryker MGS.
Grad is a lot more powerful and mobile unit,then it's BLUFOR counterpart,MLRS.


Updated by Qazdar almost 6 years ago

OPFOR has less powerful tanks even in LVL3,putting GRAD in HF will just make things diffcult for opfor:

At the begining,OPFOR has poor gear while blufor has the best weapons,after that comes LF1 and LF2 which are balanced but opfor has a advantage in LF3.then comes HF... blufor has the best tanks.

I think things shouldn't change.

Updated by wore almost 6 years ago

Try to play on WASP server, where are all players know how to use vehicles. Advantage in gear isn't advantage in warfare, when you'll understand the simply truth. And don't tell me about TWS. BMP-3 APC is more powerful then M2A3, and only with Abramses US have supremacy. Until Russians will upgrade AF2 and HF3. After this Russians have total supremacy in air. But russians don't need to even build HF, they will build LF, up it to L3 and take ALL towns even before US will build HF. Because HF is a lot more expensive. The only chance for US is to build HF first, but I hope you can imagine transport problems. I used this strategy about 8 times, and each time we won. With no chances to US. Because BTR-90 and Grad

Updated by Qazdar almost 6 years ago

GRAD has wheels so it should stay in light factory.

This mission is not reviewed to match some server specifications,new features should be subjective not to serve one strategy.

Updated by wore almost 6 years ago

Qazdar wrote:

GRAD has wheels so it should stay in light factory.

A cat has 4 legs, so a cat is a dog. Penguins are black and white, old films are black and white too. Therefore penguins are old films.

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