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Being able to quickly lower and raise weapon using c when standing still and walking slowly.

Added by Titis about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Hello, i wonder if it would be possible to add the possibity to quickly lower or raise the weapon with the c key, like in the tactical jog, but also when standing up without moving and when walking slowly, if it is not too much work.

It wouldn' t be extremely useful, but in my opinion it would still be at least a bit useful by adding the possibility to quickly lower to weapon to have a clear field of view and then clearly raise it to engage an eventual threat, and without making the character stop during the animation, as is the case with 2x ctrl. Plus, it would look way cool.

Ideally, there would be no change of walking speed when lowering the weapon while walking slowly, the only reason of the lowering of the gun would be to have a clear field of view.

Oh, and one last question, if such an addition is possible, will it be possible to make it that way: you are walking slowly with the weapon up and looking through the sights, let' s say an eotech. You press c, your character lower the weapon, you press c again, your character raises his weapon again and it automatically makes you look through the sights again, as you were looking through the sights before lowering your weapon?

Thanks in advance for your answer, and once again good luck with the mod.


Updated by smookie about 6 years ago

It would be possible, however, it would require additional animations set. You will probably see this, but not anytime soon, and not in CGA. :)

Updated by Titis about 6 years ago

Cool, i am going to be patient then. :)

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