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[81423] Units stuck in certain animations after death

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Affected ArmA II version:1.60 BETA First affected build:
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Latest betas have introduced weird bug: units that die while holding AT weapons, or women, become stuck in animation. It looks very odd.

Screenshot has been taken with 3rd party mods, but it is not mod dependent.


Kill soldier while he's holding a rocket launcher, or a woman.

Eventually load the attached mission.

Unit becomes stuck in current pose.

Unit falls to the ground.

CIT_AnimationIssues81423.Desert_E.7z - Easy reproduction mission. (980 Bytes) zGuba, 05/30/2011 20:08


Updated by Suma almost 6 years ago

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Excellent repro, fast and reliable. I hope I will be able to fix it soon, repros like this really help.

Updated by F2kSel almost 6 years ago

The animation for sheep also freezes when they're killed other animals are not affected.

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Fixed in 81847

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