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Vehicular Interior Disabled?

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Sorry for opening this ticket: I think I saw one like this ages ago, but couldn't seem to dig it up with searches. Anywho, is there a reason that certain vehicles have their interiors disabled? For instance, if you spawn in as a Stryker MGS, you have the option of being in third-person view, in first-person view (where you can see the interior textures), and in weapon optics. For certain other vehicles (i.e. Abrams, Bradley), the first-person interior is disabled. I think vanilla had first-person view enabled for all vehicles, so was it disabled on the grounds of accuracy (I vaguely recall a discussion some time ago about all Abrams interior textures using that of the 1970's M1's, but this could've been an entirely different game)? Thanks, and my apologies again.


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Some vehicles don't have modeled interiors. Even in vanilla ArmA II, there is no interior models for M1 Abrams tanks for example... and many more miss those models too.

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Forgot, I was thinking of the first Operation Flashpoint. Cheers fellas.

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