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Stand-to-wall could be more effective if..

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While the stand to wall stance looks great, I found some difficulties in using it that got me killed in more than a test.

The main two problems seem to be:

1) Weapon should be pointing parallel along the wall, this way if someone gets in the room or passes by the entrance I can engage. In its current state, it requires to either use an aiming stance (which is making your weapon point either at the wall or in ackward directions compared to the enemy contact) or break the wall stance and then engage..this takes a lot of time, especially for stand-to-wall-facing left. Having the weapon ready would be optimal, especially because the soldier can always fire his weapon..so this would solve another ticket where they asked not to discharge the soldier's weapon in stand to wall stances.

2) When lobbing grenades it takes too much time for the soldier to get back behind safety distance. When rolling a nade in a large room, I still find myself too "cautiously" in walking backwards. This could be done by either adding the move back to the lob animation or make the walk-back walk-front faster (maybe through walk/run key, which is working already but it makes you go SLOWER, not faster).


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