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Camera position could be better in stand-to-wall-left-aim

Added by Reezo about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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All stand-to-wall left shooting positions (both stand and kneel) could have a better camera positioning..maybe?

What I mean is that if you are under cover, facing left with back to the wall and get into a shooting position (both kneel and stand) you will have your actual cover between you and your sights (in 3rd person mode).

Maybe worth checking out?


Updated by smookie about 6 years ago

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Agreed. Although the risk of this being used as a cheat is also high.

Updated by Reezo about 6 years ago

I think the major problem is only for smk_uawstandleft and smk_uawkneelleft and only in 3rd person. When in 3rd person and facing left the cover you stand to becomes an obstacle for your green crosshair.

In 1st person the camera placement is not "wrong", I don't know if it can be improved, I need more testing (aka playing ;)) but so far it worked.

Updated by Reezo about 6 years ago

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Updated by Reezo about 6 years ago

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They work for now, or I got used to them. So for the sake of it, I am closing this.

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