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Selectable Facepaint

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I was wondering if it's possible to add a physical item that is coded to permit people to change their face to a camouflaged pattern, similar to using a camo stick/camo kit? The game already has various camo facepaint patterns for nearly every selectable face, but I rarely see players using them. It would seem quite a bit more realistic if soldiers operating in the AO would apply their facepaint when not wearing a mask or crewing vehicles.

The item itself just needs to be an inventory icon, one that would be placed in the same area as other secondary items (earplugs, goggles, etc). When the player has a camo kit in their inventory, a new option will show up on their self-interaction menu to apply camo (similar to using earplugs, etc).

This would be an alternative to using the balaclava, and would still permit the use of both earplugs and goggles/pro mask/etc.

I guess the complex part is some sort of coding that will detect the base face shape/pattern of the player, in order to apply the proper camouflaged texture for that specific face. I don't even know if that would be possible, but if anyone can figure out how to do it, the ACE guys are the best to ask.

Because this would generally be a cosmetic-only feature, I'd say priority is low or trivial. But if someone already knows how to do it, I guess it wouldn't hurt to bump the priority if the feature is acceptable.


Updated by Sickboy about 6 years ago

Should be possible I guess like the glasses, but it has several setbacks.
Why not just pick a camo face in your profile / ACE userconfig?

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Updated by Ninja2dan about 6 years ago

The reason I assumed that this would be more "complex" than the glasses/goggles/balaclava is that from my understanding, those items are simply models that are added to the exterior head model. This means that regardless of the facial shape or texture selected, those items will work with anyone. But in regards to facepaint, it's a texture itself and not an external model. This means that in order to show properly, you would need to apply the proper camouflage texture designed for that specific base facial model. For example, applying the "Markus S. Camo 1" face to someone using "Donny W." face would show up poorly, more so if the base facial models are different such as head shape/size.

The reason that I think it would be a "useful" feature is that currently there are only camouflaged facial textures for a woodland/jungle environment. In desert-like terrain, green/brown/black/etc colors are poorly suited as a camo pattern, whereas leaving your face unpainted (for light-skinned faces) would be a better choice. By allowing the player the option to add/remove facepaint at will, they can hop from one mission/map to another without having to modify their config every time. It also allows them to leave facepaint off when serving as vehicle crew/pilots, but use the option when serving as grunts. As it is now, the only way to add or remove the facepaint is to exit the client and modify the settings in your config file, every single time you want to change it. It would be much more convenient if you could do so in-game.

I know it's more of a "cosmetic" feature, since the AI doesn't spot you any more or less when wearing it. But ACE already has added features to the mod that generally wouldn't have much use in a "game", yet are added to increase realism and immersion. Having served as a US Army Infantryman, having to "camo up" prior to the mission was just one of the many tasks that we considered SOP. Personally, I feel that including such a feature would improve immersion and add yet another "goodie" to the features list.

Again, it's not "necessary" or "important", but if it's not too complex to do and the development team agree that it's worth adding, I think it would be a nice additional feature.

Updated by Sickboy about 6 years ago

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It all comes down to identities. Glasses, masks and faces are part of the identity.

You can change these ingame with setIdentity and setFace

I think most if not all models have the same head model btw, so the face textures should work for all.

Updated by Robalo about 6 years ago

According to biki, setFace seems to have local effect so it would be useless in MP.

Updated by Sickboy about 6 years ago

Robalo wrote:

According to biki, setFace seems to have local effect so it would be useless in MP.

Of course it wouldn't be useless in MP :)
Init: ["setFace", {(_this select 0) setFace (_this select 1)}] call CBA_fnc_addEventhandler;
SetFace: ["setFace", [player, _face]] call CBA_fnc_globalEvent
This example lacks JIP support though. But needs just a few more lines.

Ref Desert camo - I suppose someone just needs to get painting, then add to mod, and make it available for usage :)

Updated by Robalo about 6 years ago

Ah, arguments global and the wonders of CBA, of course :)

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