Bug #19429

RPK 75 rounds magazines are 45 rounds

Added by messiah about 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I've checked all 75Rnd magazine classes:


All of them are really 45Rnd. I don't know if it is by design, but it is very misleading.

Very easy to check:

1. open editor.
2. place any man unit.
3. change init: "removeAllWeapons this; this addWeapon 'RPK_74'; this addMagazine 'ACE_75Rnd_545x39_T_RPK';"
4. check ingame that magazine has only 45 rounds.
5. repeat for every class listed above.


Updated by messiah about 6 years ago

sorry, forgot to mention ACE version, it's latest 1.10

Updated by VKing about 6 years ago

  • Close Reason set to By design/Not a Bug

Intended, as they're not drum mags.
Classnames haven't been changed because that'd break compability.

Updated by rocko about 6 years ago

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