Bug #19425

Titanium Banana plant

Added by INNOCENTandCLUELESS almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:05/03/2011
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Please remove the green Banana tree/plant OR change its settings.
In real life banana trees are that fluffy, you can squeeze them easily.
@ your island they block tanks like the traffic lights in ArmA 1 Sahrani.

I set to high since very often vehicles hanging at those trees.


Updated by IceBreakr almost 6 years ago

  • Priority changed from High to Low

Berghoff did the plants. Report that to him please?
There's just too many right now to remove all, if I replace them everything needs to be checked...

Updated by INNOCENTandCLUELESS almost 6 years ago

Once identified, why not replacing that particular banana tree object by another similar object, just a different tree?
Should be easy with replace-function in any editor.

So skip repairing object, just replace.

Updated by Berghoff over 5 years ago

I fixed that now along with some other plants.

Updated by INNOCENTandCLUELESS over 5 years ago

Cool! May you link to the file so that I can DL, test and confirm?

THX for your effords!!!!!!!!

Updated by IceBreakr over 5 years ago

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Berghoff fixed the plant.

Updated by INNOCENTandCLUELESS over 5 years ago

Ok, sorry, I assumed you replaced the plants hence changed object names would require updated island.
So need the updated addons from Berghoff, object names stay the same, right?

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