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AA12 Increase in Realism

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The AA12 in-game is unrealistic.

Simply put:
1. Kicks to much
2. Kicks Up

As seen from the videos in doesn't kick alot. Barely at all. Also its very small kick pushes down not up.




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Sorry, this is not how it works here. We need a proper description:



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Updated by DarkGuerilla about 5 years ago

The AA12 in-game is unrealistic.
Simply put:
1. Kicks to much
2. Kicks Up
As seen from the videos in doesn't kick alot. Barely at all. Also its very small kick pushes down not up.

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Are you sure it kicks up too much if you hold against it?

I think the guys in the video do hold against the kick, but seeing that it's a top notch high-tech weapon designed to exactly reduce the kick up, it could probably be minimized.

Anyway, this is config issue and Bug is probably wrong - it's a mis-design (again), thus I'll switch it to Feature.

Also, more bad news; I've never seen single bits of config fixes implemented - rather new weapons had been brought in. But thank you for stopping by.

Updated by Militantsausage almost 5 years ago

To be honest I think the AA-12 being ingame is unrealistic as it is, it is not used by any armies in the world, and I have heard heard or seen of an insurgent using one, so for the people that like it so much the fact that it is there should be good enough, don't see the point on refining the realism on a weapon no one uses, plus the recoil is already controllable anyway, I could put a whole mag within 10 square meters at 50 meters.

Updated by Fireball almost 5 years ago

Urm, if you maybe noticed the AA-12 was brought by the PMC addon which stands for Private Military Company - it's very likely that those high-tech rambos have this gun.

Updated by DarkGuerilla almost 5 years ago

Well in terms of kick you would thing the big burly US infantry would be able to handle a AA12 without so much as blinking. I'd figure the PMC guys would be the same way as well.

Updated by Fireball almost 5 years ago

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Actually, I just tried it out and I can handle the AA-12 in-game as much as the russian guy does in his videos. The recoil is absolutely realistic, but you need to apply some recoil control (I figured the russian guy is pretty strong too, by watching some of his insane vids).

I can shoot at medium distances a perfect circle in A2:OA PMC, so I don't think it's unrealistic - it's just the same story with everyone whining about recoil with different guns, in the past history of the CIT and the forums - instead they should try to control the gun, like you'd do in reality too.

EDIT: What you mention that it draws down or - how I observed - it kicks in every direction is true, but it's a limitation how the current game can simulate kick-back/recoil - it's either up or none at all.

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