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Shadows and AA problem

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Ho fatto qualche test, ho notato che aumentando le impostazioni di gioco nel dettaglio delle ombre "molto alto" presenta il problema.
L'impostazione del valore dell'ombra di "normale" ma il problema diminuisce il antiliasing colpite, perché i contorni delle finestre e le strutture non sono buoni dettagli.
Disattivando le ombre completamente, grafica pulita e molto dettagliato indietro senza problemi antiliasing.
Come è possibile?
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I did some testing, I noticed that by increasing the game settings in detail of the shadows "very high"presents the problem.
Setting the value of the shadow of "normal" but the problem decreases antiliasing affected, because the contours of the windows and frames are not good details.
By turning off shadows completely, clean graphics and very detailed antiliasing back without problems.
How is this possible?


arma2oa2011042821002393.jpg - Example (65 kB) Aspide, 04/29/2011 20:35

arma2oa_2011-05-03_14-01-12-41.jpg (424 kB) Aspide, 05/03/2011 12:12

arma2oa_2011-05-03_14-02-37-64.jpg (430 kB) Aspide, 05/03/2011 12:13

arma2oa_2011-05-03_14-30-28-83.jpg (371.4 kB) Aspide, 05/03/2011 12:35


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Could you please upload another picture with (or without) the issue, for direct comparison? Is the attached picture with issue?

Is maybe post-processing affecting your rendering?

Updated by Aspide about 6 years ago

The post processing is set to "very low" in both situations.
In the first case, the shadows are set to "very high", but the following photos were taken with shadows option set to "Normal. "
You see a shadow image enhancement, but in this case suffers the AA.
Watch the video link, the shadow reflected from the lamp is not static and has no defined edges.

Updated by Aspide about 6 years ago

Second photo, shadows of the trees are not defined, have no defined boundaries zig and zag in-game move.

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Watch the video in high definition, you should see the shadow of reflected streetlight that is not well defined 1080 HD.
All settings are at maximum, except that the shadows are set to normal and post processing on very low.


Updated by Fireball about 6 years ago

I'm afraid the slightly jagged shadows are all engine limitations, not much that can be done about it, at least with "Very High" shadows, I can confirm (I only play that way).

But in your original post you mention that other things than shadows are affected, while shadows are enabled; can you show (mark in the pictures) what you mean?

Make sure that you try to stick to ONE issue in this ticket, not bundle along multiple issues, else it's confusing and giving everyone a hard time what you're trying to tell.

Updated by Aspide about 6 years ago

My problem in this note, refers to its shadows.
Do not think I have a limited graphics engine, I have a EVGA GTX580, DDR3 6GB and CORE I7 930;
I am forced to play without the use of shadows, because if the graphics become active poor as you can see from the pictures I showed you.

I repeat that the only problem is the shadows, if they are activated not defined edges and the AA also has problems.
If off, everything returns to normal.

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Ah, so you're thinking that AA does not work for shadows, do I get that right? Not that AA fails generally when you turn on shadows?

Updated by Aspide about 6 years ago

Yes, the shadows with no detail at most, reduce the AA if they are active, if you turn off the AA back to normal.
In my opinion, the technicians should review some fix for the shadows.

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Well, I can't try it out what you claim right now, could also be related to your graphic cards settings regarding to AA.

Will revisit when/if I or someone else sees what you mean.

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I can see what you mean. Shadows' edges are very crisp and sharp, but the edges not anti-aliased, both for trees and bushes with "Normal" shadows and on unit shadows even with "Very High".

I've taken up the issue here:


My proposed ways to mitigate/fix the issue:

- fix the coarse jaggedness
- make shadow edges blurry, not really sharp, which apparently fails with AA

This will probably not happen before A3 (I hope it does!). Are you happy if I mark this as a dupe of #22789?

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