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Additional Radios (Specially for ACRE cross compatibility)

Added by Alderman about 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Currently we know mission editors can set which ACRE radio will replace ItemRadio (default is PRC-343). Beyond that only the PRC-119 is cross compatible with the ACE model from ACRE. My request is simply to add models in ACE mod for each of the other respective radios that are in ACRE. Here is my reason:

Currently our server runs just ACE mod, allowing a larger number of random players into our server, while the majority of us use ACRE with ACE, we play missions that do not use the ACRE models, thus allow those who do not have ACRE into the server.

The good part about this is we have probably got 60+ people over a period of time and 13+ in the least 3 days now to use ACRE, which helps improve the experience of both ACE, and bring some awesome praise for the ACRE team for an amazing plugin that goes along with another amazing mod (ACE).

The downside is simply that in doing this, those using ACRE are limited to the PRC-343 and PRC-119. If ACE could add their own radios for this that could allow the ACRE team to make cross compatibility this situation would be solved, and the benefit to to all parties involved is increased. I know this would be something easily achieved. Would be great to see it both in an upcoming version of ACE and 1.3 version of ACRE.


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Updated by Alderman about 6 years ago

To add, could be easy enough to just add in the PRC-117F for now by using the same model you use for the 119? Just calling it the 117F? Cheers, and Xeno, I know you hear a lot of trash... so wanted to let you know the guys at the 3rdMD organization still appreciate your work very much. Would be my pleasure to buy you a beer if I make my way to Germany sometime in the coming year. ;)

Updated by Prototype556 about 6 years ago

I agree with this 100%!
Also, keep working on domination Xeno. Ignore what other people say, your work is amazing.

Updated by jealco about 6 years ago

adding the 117F would cover just about everything actually. only other radio i could think of would be the PRC-152, which is replacing the old PRC-148 MBITRS for shorter-range comms.

also, xeno, i'm with all the guys above. Dom is a worthy project, keep at it. those of us from Sparta would love to see Dom4 completed.

your efforts are appreciated.

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Updated by Alderman about 6 years ago

Maybe see if the ACRE team would supply the models? Then just have a different classname.

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