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Cannot see ban list

Added by wulfer about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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We are using the new version, and for whatever reason we see the player list just fine, but dont see our ban list. Where should the ban list be at so we can see it? Under the main directory?


Updated by Kochleffel about 6 years ago

if u mean the path on your Server:


If u already have one:

how much bans are stored?

Updated by Soner about 6 years ago

Updated by wulfer about 6 years ago

when you say profilefolder is that the main folder with everything like addons and where the server executable is? Same folder? Or is it somewhere else? Our bans.txt file is under the main directory.

Updated by wulfer about 6 years ago

i read that if you are running Combined OPTs, which we are it does not go under the expansion/battleye so I made a folder in the root director called battleye and although it adds them to the bans.txt file under the root directory of the server( where the server executable is) we still cannot see the banlist.

Updated by wulfer about 6 years ago

ok just figured it out, we removed them all added 1 back, we saw the banlist. Then we added the 200 bans we have and we cant see the list again, so it has to do with the number of bans. So im guessing

Updated by Soner about 6 years ago

I have been told that BE has a limitation in regard to the number of bans. We are still waiting for sable to fix this bug.

Updated by Soner about 6 years ago

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