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B-17 Improvements

Added by SpectreRSG about 6 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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First off, I abosolutely love the mod! After playing with the B17 for a few days, I have come up with a list of improvements that would make it even more awesome than it is now. List is here:

1. Gunners need slightly more ammo mags
2. B17 guns need to be slightly stronger
3. Ability to move from turret to turret while IN (Flying or on ground) the B17.
4. Add Bombadier Seat w (BOMB RETICULE)

- Sniper Scope with top down view mode
- Possibly able to be adjusted based on altitude/speed.

- Bombardier looks through sight, calibrates sight based on speed/altitude. Once calibrated, bombadier waits till target is in crosshairs, and releases bombs. Bombs hit fairly accurately w/limited guess work


5. Less frequent Fuel Fires!

6. Copilot able to stop engine when the engine catches fires via addaction.

- No more automatic fire extinguishing

- When the engines catch on fire, CoPilot has addaction pop up for stop the engine, which stops the fire, and the prop.

7. Deeper (add more bass) MG sounds.

17_nose_gun_in_config.txt (475 Bytes) SpectreRSG, 04/28/2011 18:28


Updated by SpectreRSG about 6 years ago

Forgot one on my list...

8. Allow bombs to only be dropped above 1000 altitude.

Updated by DarkGuerilla about 6 years ago

Absolutely love it!
Took the words right out of my mouth.

Updated by SpectreRSG about 6 years ago

Is there an I44 dev that would be kind enough to give some input, or any sort of confirmation of seeing this? :P

Updated by Macolik about 6 years ago

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We might tweak the planes TheFew submitted to us but it's not high on our list, so don't expect huge changes anytime soon.

Updated by SpectreRSG about 6 years ago

If I'm correct, aren't all of these config alternations (minus the addition of new stuff?)

Also, I notice now that there's a nose gun reference in the config and a nose gun model in the data folder, but in the scripts/b17att_guns, it's not placing a nose gun on the plane. The nose gun just needs to be added in that b17att_guns script.

In regards to the missing nose gun, attached is what needs to be added in the config with the rest of the turrets.
Also, make sure to add the nose gun into the scripts/b17att_guns script.

And, in the config for the 17, just need to add more boxes of mags for the turrets by adding more of the "100Rnd_127x99_M2", under the magazines[] = {.

Thinking back at the original post, re: #2, adding more available ammo for the gunners may be able to compensate for the current bullet damage, so you don't have to increase the values for the M2 ammo.

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Moving to 2.7 for reference.

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