Bug #19157

M8_Greyhound Barrel On Main Gun not attached to turret

Added by DarkGuerilla over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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The barrel of the main gun is not attached to the turret.
You can turn the turret, but the barrel will remain facing forward.
You are also still able to hit the target you are aiming at.
Also the Turret rotates, but the bags on the outside do not rotate with the turret.

gryhndssu.bmp - Barrel not attached (1.4 MB) DarkGuerilla, 06/29/2011 03:09


Updated by PacUK about 6 years ago

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Fixed for 2.51

Updated by DarkGuerilla about 6 years ago

Uh nope apparently the bags were fixed, but not the barrel.

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