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ACE Mines

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I have been playing with Mines a little recently, we have a sapper team in our unit now and they have been working with with the ACE Explosives menu/features and having a "blast" :)

However I was keen to incorporate them into our attacks and have tested out editor placed mines with the tripwires set etc. They detonate well, they are pretty lethal, however crawling up to the trip wires and setting them off can save you, which is good. Mines should slow you down, thats half the idea.

However what we found was that we can`t defuse/disarm them if they are editor placed. For player placed ones it works fine. Disarming mines is a slow process, having burned my helmet a few times with trip flare disarming, believe me I know.

Suggested Feature++

1. It would be good if all players could slowly prob and locate mines but not disarm so they could extract themselves or rescue casualties in a mine field. Maybe a chance of defusing mines with a higher chance of it going horribly wrong. Representing mine awareness training.

2. Engineers however should be able to disarm all mines and IEDs. With a much lower chance of it all going horribly wrong, representing greater training, than just mine awareness.

If Reezo has the time his IED scripts are probably adaptable to cover mines as well.

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Revision e5362899
Added by rocko almost 6 years ago

CHANGED: Improved data handling for sys_explosives
~ADDED: Disarming for all mines in ACE (Player & Editor placed), fixes #19081
~ADDED: Fully animated M2/M4 Slam mines to distinguish between detonation modes


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This goes along with the Engineers, but how does the Engineer ability work in ACE?

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For some little tests you can reset editor placed mines to become disarmed.

In its INIT add something like:

nul = this spawn { sleep 10; this setVariable ["ace_sys_explosives_notamper", true, true]; };

However, editor placed mines were designed with no option to defuse, I am currently not aware if there are any issues (errors in RPT, CTD, doomsday activation) with disarming editor placed mines.

Edit: There are. You aren't supposed to defuse editor placed mines, yet.

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Thanks for coming back to this one,

ALL mines are dis-armable (if there is such a word), in RL.

It just takes time and knowledge and of course you can screw up !

It would add so much more to these excellent mines, if OPFOR could use them on COOP missions. ie BLUFOR are slowed by them and have to clear them, placement being in editor. Of course you don`t leave a minefield of any worth without some fire covering it :).

I just hope the "YET" is WIP.....

Updated by rocko almost 6 years ago

Yes, ofc they can be disarmed "somehow" in RL. Yet in ACE, if I am correct, there is no way to disarm ANY mine once placed and armed/tripped. Means: You cannot recover/neutralize mines yet.

Also IIRC this should be the case for player placed mines. You could try with a Claymore and a tripwire. The game should refuse to let you disarm the mine (cut the wire..) Therefore once the mine is placed it is always armed unless you destroy it with C4 or shoot it.

Adding a Disarming procedure to all the mines should be possible. The only things I should know, how hard is it to disarm mine X that has been set up with method Y.
Can the fuze malfunction with a certain chance (condition of mine/weather/...). Or are there mines that cannot be disarmed by hand?
All this stuff.

Updated by UGLY58 almost 6 years ago


I think if you place an ACE mine as a player you can later disarm it. I will double check.

The only issue is with the editor placed mines, you can`t disarm them.

I asked for this functionality so we can use them for OPFOR in COOP against players.

The disarm function is only currently available to Engineers on BIS anti-vehicle mines, which tilt over when you have disarmed them.

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I guess disarm capability for Engineers, and e.g allow mission makers to make units able to disarm?

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In the middle of a major redesign of the mines in ACE and a small heads up:

Major improvements so far:
: Technical
- Many unused variables removed

- Simplified setVariable statuses

: Mines (Player placed)
- Mines can be "deactivated" IF they have not been armed or tripped. This means that the mine can just be picked up normally. The stringtables will reflect this detail.
-- Right now it says "Disarm", though it's technically not a real disarming.

- Claymore, MON50 and C4 now have a seperate interaction menu entry to attach a clacker OR tripwire, this removes a constant loop that was running for the clacker device.

- Tripwires can now be cut to disable the trigger that is attached to the mine.

- Mines can now become "defused/disarmed" once they have been tripped or armed (WIP)
-- Cutting a tripwire will not disarm the mine. It has to be disarmed seperately
-- Defusing the mine WILL remove the tripwire if it was tripped
-- After disarming the mine itself it can be picked up again

- The disarming will be a seperate entry in the interaction menu that becomes available when used on an armed mine.

: Mines (Editor)
- Same defusing/disarming stuff

Stuff being worked on:

- Work out details how hard it should be to defuse/disarm mines
- Influences on the chance of success for defusing/disarm mines (condition of mine)
- Taking skill of engineers/SF into account e.g those have a higher chance to successfully defuse/disarm a mine

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Available in ACE for OA 1.12 RC1.

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