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Loose Primary weapon on aircraft ejection

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Is it possible the pilot would not have time to retrieve their primary weapon on the eject action/seat ejection, as the weapon would be stored in the aircrafts cargo. But the sidearm would still be on their person. This may work for ground vehicles as well as the driver /operator may not have time to pick up their weapon in a eject scenario.

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~CHANGED: Jet pilots are not able to carry primary weapons with them in the cockpit. Helicopter pilots still can carry a primary weapon (does NOT include rocket launchers, backpacks and machineguns - these are stored in a bag outside the aircraft), refs #19025


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Is it also possible a aircrafts ejection seat can act as a items crate containing basic first aid equipment, smoke grenades, flares, etc. The pilot then after landing would need to find their ejection seat for supplies before evac.

All pilots kit based on Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE)
-Pilots kit (On person sidearm,etc)

-Personal survival kit (PSK) under seat, tethered to pilots parachute harness.

-More comprehensive PSK in compartment on Seat along with radio transponder.

-Primary weapon usually located on aircraft stores as too big to be fitted to seat.

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Sounds interesting.

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Personal weapon stored in pilot's seats. After landing pilot must find his plane seat and take weapon from there. It's good to add such feature in game: eject pilot and drop his seat too after ejection.

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A pilot's primary weapon is usually a para version of various rifles, shortened down so it can fit in the storage compartment of his seat, retrievable after he lands or ejects. In fact, a pilot generally has a full SERE kit within that compartment, for SHTF situations.

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Fast Jet Crew - I don`t know of any ejection seat that has a longer weapon in it, certainly in the UK anyway. The pistol is usually part of the personal survival jacket attached to the person. It has to be a small light pistol (UK has a PPK) the G on ejection is often to high to carry anything heavier.

Rotary - Pilots have a rifle stored in the aircraft which as you suggest on an ejection should stay in the aircraft and only come out with them on a "Get Out". The weapon is securely fastened for two reason, insecure cargo is always an issue, but secondly to stop your damn passengers grabbing your weapon and taking it with them :) Currently most rotary crew have a pistol on their person as well, in case they don`t have time to grab anything heavier.

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People playing as pilots shouldn't be able to carry a primary when in a jet. Ejection should be removed from helo's.

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If someone could reliably tell me wether jet pilots do have a primary weapon (not Sidearm) with them?

Also is it possible to store a primary weapon in the aircraft (be it special cargo compartments in the airframe/cockpit/ejection seat)?

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Available in ACE for OA 1.12 RC1.

Updated by Macheta almost 6 years ago

The Soviet and Russian pilots have short automatic machine of type AKSU or a pistol-machine gun like the Cedar or the Chestnut in PSK.

Updated by friznit almost 6 years ago

I know this isn't directly related to ACE, but removing backpacks from pilots also remove ACRE manpack radios, which leaves them in a bit of a bind. Any chance this could be an optional config?

Updated by rocko almost 6 years ago

No options.

Updated by Sickboy almost 6 years ago

By Nou from ACRE:

There are radios in the aircraft by default, and have been for months. If they are still putting on backpacks for long range coms then they are wrong

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