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Make the aim way more stable when walking forward/forward cross

Added by kju about 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Right now the aim is shacking massively while walking.
There is no benefit right now to walk while in combat sadly.
Run or sprint, stop and shoot is way more effective.

It seems this is due the way the animation was recorded.

While walking as infantry the aim should be quite stable
and allow precise shoots and close range targets.

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Updated by Militantsausage about 6 years ago

Well, as a temporary solution you could try the Competetive Gaming Animations Pack (a.k.a. PvP animation pack)

But I do agree with you, it does wave around quite a bit.

Updated by CarlGustaffa about 6 years ago

Not sure. I tried an M4 (airsoft, sorry :p) a while back (no optics), and I couldn't hit very well from 5-10 meters away while I was walking slowly (tin can sized targets). Now, I'm not trained military or have expertize in the weapon, but still. If it's done, then limit it to projected sights (not iron sights and scopes), as their biggest problem is not the wobble but that they don't show the correct sighting information.

In fact, raise the normal sight sway to match that of JCove Lite - where breath control actually matters even for non snipers. I'm not much into CQB though.

Updated by Militantsausage about 6 years ago

yeah, I've never actually been to Afghanistan or anything, bu I have trained with the F88 Austeyr a lot, I found that a lighter grip on the weapon was necessary to keep the weapon steady while moving, it is easily possible to hit things 5-15 meters away while walking slowly, you don't use the sights, it is too close to have to pull your sights up, if you were to shoot accurately with the sights up while walking it would fell quite akward, you would have to move very, very slowly, unless maybe Reflex sights are easier, but never used one in training.

Updated by wamingo about 6 years ago

Not sure either.
Trying my dad's old airrifle I could barely aim accurately at a head-sized object at 10m, while walking. And I didn't walk fast.
So when it comes to accuracy, the game has it about right, I think.

The way the weapon shakes may be off, however.

- There shouldn't be as big a difference in shaking between directions of movement (forward, backwards, strafing...)
This might be the biggest issue with shooting while walking in arma.

- Only the front of the weapon should be shaking/swaying/jittering/whatever. The butt of the weapon is quite firmly lodged on your shoulder, which doesn't move very much at all. It's not terrible though.

- The weapon should not throb towards and away from you as it does in game. It's very distracting, though it's not as pronounced when zoomed in as when zoomed out.
I think the reason why it throbs so much might be that sighted 1st person view doesn't follow your head movement as unsighted does.
You can tell by comparing your shadow in relation to you while sighted and unsighted. In reality the shadow shouldn't move in relation to you at all, however it does while sighted.
This should be looked at I think.

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