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Mortars sight and fire

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A few problems with mortars:
1. Very difficult to establish accurate azimuth with the mouse, you can implement it as done in the sniper rifles? And for aiming at 2B14 is used telescopic sight MPM-44M.
2. When you activate the fire while loading, firing mortar shells are not the target.

mpm44m_900x800.gif (103.5 kB) Boevik, 04/12/2011 17:55

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related to A.C.E. for OA - Feature #15569: Fixed azimuth&elevantion for mortars in 'Fire on Load' mode Closed 12/03/2010


Updated by Iron_Wardog about 6 years ago

Haven't had a problem with 1).

Updated by Boevik about 6 years ago

Iron_Wardog wrote:

Haven't had a problem with 1).

Try to shoot at 2000 meters and make a correction on an azimuth of 50 m. The exact value set will not succeed.

Updated by Trips about 6 years ago

Are you zooming in when you try to make adjustments?

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Reproduced. It's realy hard.

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2. are already tickets about: #15569

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Adjusting the horizontal and vertical slew rate of the turret does not resolve it. That's the only thing that could be done about erratic movement while in T-E, but it also slows turret movement extremely down.
Better wait for the arty system that includes mortars. By now you have to move the mouse very slowly.

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