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Make it possible to shoot straight through glass

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Would it be possible to maybe remove lods on the takistani buildings so it is possible to shoot through glass? At the moment I notice bullets heading at a 45 degree angle, full physics would be cool to have the glass shatter, but from a gameplay point of view making it possible to shoot straight through glass and have the bullet on the same trajectory on the other side would be good, and not "suppresing" yourself from a close impact.


Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

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It's not exactly 45° angle which they detour but sometimes as much as 30° or so - very rarely you do hit through glass, but it's not very realistic and kills immersion by the way it is right now. It feels like shooting at armored glass.

Updated by rye over 6 years ago

I think he meant shoot through glass, I was talking to him on skype and he understands terminal ballistics on glass and didn't mean shooting perfectly straight through it. Good knowledge is most of the time shooting straight onto vehicle glass (windshield) will cause a 3 degree deflection downwards into the vehicle.

Updated by coopr over 6 years ago

Well some new glass effects would be appreciated on vehicles and buildings. They are really odd the way they are displayed right now. Some just disappear after emptying a full magazine on them and some are armored protected or something and never break / disappear.

Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

Please keep different issues to different tickets. Shooting (and hitting) through glass and the effect of glass breaking are two completely different stories.

Right now there is no way to model individually breaking glasses because the breaking glasses are connected to the destruction model of the whole building (or vehicle), not individual windows.

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