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Shooting at car doesn't hit correctly

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So, what I was trying to do was create a script/mod that when the window was shot out (any of the windows glass1, glass2, glass3, glass4) the car would unlock.

What I found out was the damage is random in a way - even at 2 meters.

I uploaded a mission with this, if you shoot the car it will tell you the target you hit via a event handler (so watch your ears). Anyway the targeting is random. If you shoot at the left side of the vehicle (driver's side), it could damage "", which is the whole car, or glass 3 - the other side of the car... or the wheels... it's random.

Guess the unlock script is going to have to wait. :(

Window_20Issue.Takistan.zip (826 Bytes) dissaifer, 04/04/2011 00:03


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a) From what I recall we already have a ticket for this. So its a duplicate.
b) Remember that bullets/projectiles can penetrate the object and therefore damage multiple parts.

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Updated by dissaifer about 6 years ago

a. If it is a duplicate feel free to close it. I just didn't see one.
b. I'm going to have to set up a script to see if that is true, because I fired 5 clips into a vehicle and didn't bust the glass out. If the damage is goofy, I'll upload otherwise I request the close.

Side note: sorry about the hint, should have done a hintsilent.

Updated by kju about 6 years ago

Check the discussion in #18027.

Updated by dissaifer about 6 years ago

So, this is a slightly different issue. I copied the EH: this addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {diag_log text format["%1 damaged (%3): %2", _this select 0, _this select 2, str (_this select 1)]; _this select 2}]; into a car on my mission and loaded up CO... and got this for 5 shots aimed at the car window (glass 2 - drivers side) looking directly to the other side (glass 3).

3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.00010027
3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.000214047
3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.000312124
3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.000425748
3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.000522775
3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.000636095
3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.000734673
3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.000848755
3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.000949072
3fb40000# 438908: skodovka_blue.p3d damaged (""): 0.0010634

yeah the EH is going off a few times, but that isn't what the issue is. It is not even registering that I hit glass2, just total car damage. I don't know if this is only for specific cars (Arma 2 vanilla) or what exactly.

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