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ArmaOA 1.59 and ArmA2 1.09 wonn't start in my XP with latest dsound.dll

Added by fREAk over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:04/01/2011
Priority:Immediate Due date:
Assignee:jaynus % Done:


Target version:1.4


System: Win XP SP2
ArmA2 Version 1.09
ArmA2OA Version 1.59
CPU: e8400
Video: nVidia 470(258.96)
Audio: Creative xFi (v

First approach:
- Answered to the AutoUpdater Dialog yes, ... (as usual)
From now on weather ArmA2 nor OA are starting up anymore

In the TaskMgr the processes are running, but the Startup Process
even doesn't reach the state where the "Checkbox-Window" starts up.
Was waiting over a Minute, and terminated the Arma2OA.exe-process.
If i take an older dsound.dll - that one delivered with ACRE_V1.1.1.244_hotfix.rar in this case, and
ignore the autoupdater it starts up normally.

any idea?



fehler_jayarma.jpg (26.8 kB) jakob1493, 04/01/2011 21:19


Updated by wobbleyheadedbob over 6 years ago

I've run into this as well. I get a missing dll error concerning "msvcr100.dll"

Copying the ACRE_V1.1.1.244_hotfix.rar works for me too but I have to ignore the Jaynus auto-updater.

Updated by jakob1493 over 6 years ago

i have the same problem with my system

System: Win7 Ultimate 64bit
ArmA2 Version 1.09
ArmA2OA Version 1.59
CPU: Intel i7
Video: nVidia GTX460
Audio: Sound Blaster X-Fi 2

if I try to start Operation Arrowhead after the JayArma2Lib update i became an Error (look attachment)

Updated by wobbleyheadedbob over 6 years ago

Yeah, just do what fREAK suggested and replace dsound.dll with the one available in the most recent ACRE hotfix. It means you'll get prompted with the Jaynus auto-updater. You gonna have to ignore the update until this is fixed.

Updated by SAbre4809 over 6 years ago

Re/installing Microsoft 2010 C++ redist fixed the MSVCR100.dll error for me (x86) I now get another @JayArma2Lib update dialog upon trying to launch but it seems to be unable to update, I think this is a separate issue entirely though.

Win XP 32
Still on 1.57 OA/CO.

Updated by fREAk over 6 years ago

Hmm, my problem seem to that i even don't get any Error,
I installed the C++ Redist, but it does'nt change anything to me :(

Updated by jaynus over 6 years ago

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Updated by jaynus over 6 years ago

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Updated by jakob1493 over 6 years ago

Arma OA starts now on my system with

Arma OA 1.59
JayArmaLib newest update
ACE newest update
and Microsoft 2010 C++ was allready installed at my system

Updated by fREAk over 6 years ago

Thanks Jaynus, the last one works with my system now. :)
Did'nt try ACRE, but OA is launching normally now.

GJ! and thanks a lot.


Updated by tsuki over 6 years ago

I also have a similar problem. My ArmA won't start when I'm using dsound.dll.
My system: windows 7 64 bit
I updated the C++ runtime using the link you provided, tried several different versions of dsound.dll, updated my video drivers, installed newest directX 11. Nothing happened, but just after the installation of each of those things, my arma ran once. After that: it crashes constantly.

Updated by fREAk over 6 years ago

And without dsound.dll?
I mean completly removing it from the ArmA2 Folder, not just starting without @JayArmA2Lib?

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