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OPFOR Infiltrators / Captured BLUFOR resources

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Last night as I was sneaking up behind a sniper team (AEF Lokyi and MANZ for the record ;) a few devious OPFOR ideas came to mind. As the red mist sprayed from the back of Lokyi's neck I listened on Team Speak to his declaration of surprise. You have no idea how much it adds to OPFOR enjoyment to hear the frantic cries of "I'm down. Where did that come from? oh sh!t I think he's behind us! There he bang...."

My first suggestion in this vein:

Enable OPFOR to capture BLUFOR radios, from which point they can listen in on BLUFOR chat. I don't know if this is even remotely possible, but if so it is SO MUCH FUN!

As I pried the .50 cal rifle from Lokyi's dying grasp, I came up with another evil thought:

What if, in addition to stealing weapons, you could steal BLUFOR uniforms????

This would have some implications:
1. OPFOR should see you as enemy and engage you - just as when OPFOR commandeer a BLUFOR vehicle
2. BLUFOR should not identify you as enemy, unless they recognise your face or voice (i.e. cursor should not go red, but your player name might give you away)
3. It would be necessary to ensure that the system didn't count BLUFOR kills of OPFOR in BLU uniforms as TK.

From the player's perspective, it would make BLUFOR teamwork much more important - knowing who is who and questioning anyone who is wearing bloodstained uniform would be important.

Medics should have the skill to identify infiltrators - the wounded looking guy without the wounds to match should be immediately obvious to medics.

From an OPFOR perspective, the purpose would be to infiltrate behind BLUFOR lines. It would be difficult - you would need to kill a BLUFOR soldier away from view of other OPFOR, and then avoid contact with OPFOR while dressed as BLUFOR so they don't mistake you as enemy.

There is a risk that this would be like "fish in a barrel" for a reasonably competent insurgent, so I would add the following catch:
If caught by BLUFOR while wearing BLUFOR uniform, the player is out of action for 3 minutes (to be waterboarded for information). During this time, they cannot respawn. would require OPFOR wounding similar to BLUFOR wounding for infiltrators.

I figure this feature would depend entirely on how the alliances mechanism works within ARMA, and I haven't looked at in enough detail. A poorman's version of the same function would be to be able to change class to "independent" - i.e. steal enough pieces of kit from BLUFOR to create a semblance of a PMC uniform. It's similar enough to BLUFOR appearance to create confusion, and would definitely work with the alliance system.


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It sounds like fun, but it's not doable or viable. You'd have to replace the player while he's playing in order to simulate disguise, you can't just change his uniform and this wouldn't look or feel nice. Also #3 isn't possible.

The radio thing is probably dependent of how ACRE works (I don't know enough about it) - outside of ACRE it's not possible. Swedge and rocko made a version which works with ACRE (including ACE). I mean currently the radio doesn't even work right as an item in MP.

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